The dictionary definition of a landmark, in the past, was “an indicating stone” that travelers who went on a long journey used to set up to go back home safely. Today, the meaning has expanded and now it refers to structures and sculptures that symbolize a city or a nation. The designer and architect who designs and builds this landmark is called the “landmarker.” In the Kingdom of God, it is the same. Throughout history, there have always been these landmarkers behind every revival movement, and in this generation, the ministry community that is trying to equip these landmarkers is called Landmarker Ministry.

The logo of symbolizes

the calling and vision of

Landmarker Ministry


   The gradation from light green to dark green represents the forest filled with life, with light green refering small trees and dark green refering bigger trees.

   This means that all generations are growing together forming the forest of God.


   Tree refers to the tree of life.(Genesis 2:9)

   This tree refers people of God forming the one body of Christ growing with the life of God. It contains God’s heart for the next generation to receive the legacy of faith.


   The leaves attached to the tree symbolize the 5 oceans and 6 continents. These leaves grow from one stem meaning all nations and churches belong to God(Exodus 19:5) and reach out from Him. It also expresses our desire to build up the church and people of God to take the Gospel to the nations.

 4 Branches

   These branches refer to 4 rivers in the Garden of Eden. (Genesis 2:10) As if the life of Jesus who is the source of life flows through all fields of the nations, It contains the vision for the people of God who received and grew from this river will be built up in all fields.


Landmarker Ministry

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