Nurture All Generation!

· Wednesday Kids Camp

Wednesday Kids Camp is a field where the next generation grows and is built up in Jesus Christ as they doing various activities like worship and praise, prayer, games having the message on Sunday as the main theme through it all.


- Every Wed 8:00-9:30 am


· Small Group


Small Group is a time where people are sharing their lives deeply having the message of Sunday worship to refocus their lives gaining the wisdom to live out the word of God.


- English small group

- Chinese small group

- Korean small group

- Family small group

- Next generation small group



· One to One Bible Study


One to One Bible Study is a process where new believers are laying firm and sound foundation of Jesus Christ who is the word of truths for their faith. It normally takes 3 moths using the One to One Bible Study book (Duranno).

· Campus Bible Study


Campus Bible Study nurture the students who are studying on each campus and raise them up as Jesus’ disciples. Also, it is a channel to invite lost souls on campuses to the Bible study or Sunday worship service.


- Konkuk Univ.

- Kyounghee Univ. 

- Korea Univ.

- Dukseong Women’s Univ.

- Dongdeock Women’s Univ.

- Univ. of Seoul

- Seoul Women’s Nurshing Univ.

· QT Meetings

QT Meetings meet one time a week during the week in small group setting and meditate on the word of God in their own languages and have times of shring, prayere, fellowship to be equipped to live out the word of God in daily life.


- Chinese QT Meetings

- English QT Meetings

- Korean QT Meetings

· Center Mentoring

Center Mentoring is a time to reflect on our hearts in the light of God’s word and receive the mentoring.


- Every Sat 9:30-10:30 pm







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