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· HUG Conference

HUG Conference is the expanded version of HUG Festival. Practical lectures of HUG Festival manuel are shared with local church pastors and ministers. It is a conference to help evangelism and how to help people deeply involvement.

All Nations


 RUssian Speaking nations To All nations

Landmarker Ministry joined with Onnuri Church’s M Center and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Pastors Association in founding RUSTA. RUSTA provides a network  connecting migrants, churches, and ministries in eleven CIS countries and is a means for facilitating the evangelism of unreached people groups through use of adult camps, youth camps, and children’s camps. It is especially significant that most of the unreached people groups in the 10/40 Window can be found on Russia’s borders, so a reverse mission strategy is possible.

· Multicultural Mission Network

The desire is to encourage all to labor together in mission, culture, and scholarship, according to God’s will - multiethnically, multiculturally, and multiligually - so that all persons can receive and enjoy the same grace and blessing.

· Generational Discipleship 


Having Deuteronomy 6:4-7, Parent generation live out the word of God and build their homes by imparting their faith to their children according to the biblical principle. It is the conference that awakens the needs of the church for the accomplishment of Generational Discipleship that connects church and home and all generations with the love of God.

All Generations

All Fields

· Developing and publishing of ARILAC Bible Study Book Series

It is a ministry project that designs, develops, and publishes useful books and tools for the support and equipment of the missionaries and ministers who are taking the Gospel to the nations.

2018 project_The Navigation of Hope(new believers), Walking in Wisdom(training course), Landmarker’s Board Game(a tool for evangelism or nurturing).







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