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Landmarker Labs, under the motto of 'Together, Change',

is an organisation pursuing and orienting a creation of positive

and healthy community culture and a resolution of social issue,

through development of communication-culture contents

which encompasses all the generational, cultural and social areas.


Intention of Planning

"What is Your Treasure?  "

'What is my and our treasure?', based on this question,

this board game questions and examines values we pursue in this generation. 

'Is my treasure truly Valuable as a treasure?'

'If it is valuable, what kind of value is it?'

'What if we were pursuing after something invaluable

while we were missing on the real treasure that has true value?' 

This board game deals with these themes.

This is the intention of the board game, 'The Lost Treasure'!


While we are asking and answering many questions concerning each other's treasures,

we will get to reflect on 'true value' of our treasures.


As we live in this generation where we have 'the absence of value' beyond 'the confusion of value',

we will realize the significance of possession of 'True Value' through the process of this game.  


Everyone will try to guess your treasure.

Answer a series of quick-firing questions

about your treasure! Guess the treasures of others!

Succeed in missions and secure your spot!

Avoid disasters!

Overcome various challenges wisely!

Guess and discover other players’ treasures!

Get the most points!

Become the winner of the king's gift!

Intention of Production

  • Board game produced on a biblical foundation

  • Tool of relationship formation and evangelism through natural sharing with non-believers

  • In-depth sharing tool among believers

  • Gaining superior competitiveness in the board game market by sharing game pleasures

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