Landmarker Ministry was started in Seoul (2005) to share the Gospel among all nations, all generations, and all fields having an emphasis on the urban mission. The Forest of Living Water Church (2014) is the base camp of Landmarker Ministry for the incubation of the International Students Volunteer Movement (ISVM) for the “Migration Mission Era” which already has come as a Missional Multi-cultural Church with being multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual as the foundation for ministry and an international church.


   Landmarker Ministry is holding HUG Festivals and HUG Conferences (2014) to share the Gospel with the urban generation of cities in all nations as a part of the ministry to “All Nations.”

Also, Landmarker Ministry co-founded the Multicultural Mission Network (2015) for the ministries, and ministers working for the ministries, of immigrants. Landmarker Ministry co-founded and is serving RUSTA (2016, RUssian Speaking nations To All nations) the ministry for the Russian speaking communities in Korea from 11 CIS countries.


  Landmarker started the D6 Conference in Korea (2018) in the Korean Church as a united ministry for “All Generations” for the Generational Discipleship in churches, homes, and schools. Also, we are developing Bible study books and board games for multi-ethnic communities and ministers working with ARILAC (Asia Research Institute of Language And Culture) as a united ministry for ‘All Fields’ who are studying how to train all people groups how to live out the whole Gospel in their own communities.


  Our coworkers are devoted to the heart of God for this generation, and they are determined to spread His love among all nations, all generations, and all fields.

Youngsup Oh

Founder & CEO of Landmarker Ministry


Landmarker Ministry

Forest Living Water Church



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Young Sup Oh​ (Founder & CEO of Landmarker Ministry)

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