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Then Jesus came to them and said, 

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.

Therefore GO and MAKE DISCIPLES of all nations,

BAPTIZING them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

and TEACHING them to obey everything I have commanded you.

And surely I am WITH YOU always, to the very end of the age.”

Matthew 28:18-20



Go Out To All Nations!

· Campus Evangelism

Campus Evangelism is street evangelism ministry where evangelism teams that are made up of Korean and international student and staff are going out to 4 different college campuses to shre the Gospel to Korean and international students. People whom these teams met are invited to worship services and HUG Festival to be welcomed into church community to be settled well and start wallking strongly in the Lord.

- 4 times a week(Tue-Fri)

- campuses: Korea Univ, Kyounghee Univ, HUFS, KAIST.

· Overseas Outreach

Oversea Outreach is a ministry leading the urban generation into Jesus Christ with words and covenant of God and raising them as worshippers before God. Lately we had outreaches to Russia in 2016, Bulgaria in 2017, Alaska in 2017, Bulgaria in 2018

· H.U.G. Festival 

  Happy Food, Unique Joy, Group Dynamic

H.U.G. Festival is strong tool for the Gospel ministering for the souls of all nations using media and music as cultural matrix and it is a great channel for the invitation to worship services.



Nurture All Generation!

· Wednesday Kids Camp

Wednesday Kids Camp is a field where the next generation grows and is built up in Jesus Christ as they doing various activities like worship and praise, prayer, games having the message on Sunday as the main theme through it all.


- Every Wed 8:00-9:30 am


· Small Group


Small Group is a time where people are sharing their lives deeply having the message of Sunday worship to refocus their lives gaining the wisdom to live out the word of God.


- English small group

- Chinese small group

- Korean small group

- Family small group

- Next generation small group




· One to One Bible Study


One to One Bible Study is a process where new believers are laying firm and sound foundation of Jesus Christ who is the word of truths for their faith. It normally takes 3 moths using the One to One Bible Study book (Duranno).




· Campus Bible Study


Campus Bible Study nurture the students who are studying on each campus and raise them up as Jesus’ disciples. Also, it is a channel to invite lost souls on campuses to the Bible study or Sunday worship service.


- Konkuk Univ.

- Kyounghee Univ. 

- Korea Univ.

- Dukseong Women’s Univ.

- Dongdeock Women’s Univ.

- Univ. of Seoul

- Seoul Women’s Nurshing Univ.




· QT Meetings

QT Meetings meet one time a week during the week in small group setting and meditate on the word of God in their own languages and have times of shring, prayere, fellowship to be equipped to live out the word of God in daily life.


- Chinese QT Meetings

- English QT Meetings

- Korean QT Meetings

· Center Mentoring

Center Mentoring is a time to reflect on our hearts in the light of God’s word and receive the mentoring.


- Every Sat 9:30-10:30 pm



Make Disciples of All Fields!


  Leadership Training Camp

‘Go and make disciples of all people’(Matt28:19) is the foundation. Leaders grow and change in their relationship with God, are filled with personal calling and spiritual gifts, are being trained up as ‘Kingdom Builder’ for the Kingdom of God. 

- Every Sat 3:00-5:30 pm 





  Family Leadership Training Camp


FLTC is where parents are built up as spiritual leadership in family which is the first small group God appointed. Through it, parents are trained to release God's covenant in their homes caring for and disciple their children.


- Every Wed 8:00-9:30 pm




· Worship School


Worship School raises up worshippers who are set apart and willing to serve the Lord with worship and praise. This course is a training course equipping the spirituality of wilderness, expertise in worship. (6 weeks)




· Media School


Media School teaches and trains people who have personal interests and talents in media to receive God's heart and vision as worshippers God is seeking in this generation. It helps people recognize their God-given talents and skills and sharpen them to use for the worship to the Lord. (6 weeks)




· 5 Smooth Stones Project

5 Smooth Stones Project has 1Samuel 17:40 as the foundational verse in equipping and training the youth of all nations with 5 smooth stones (spirituality, intelligence, vocational expertise, character, physical strength).


- summer vacation

- winter vacation



Reproduce the Next Church!

All Nations 

· HUG Conference

HUG Conference is the expanded version of HUG Festival. Practical lectures of HUG Festival manuel are shared with local church pastors and ministers. It is a conference to help evangelism and how to help people deeply involvement.


 RUssian Speaking nations To All nations

Landmarker Ministry joined with Onnuri Church’s M Center and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Pastors Association in founding RUSTA. RUSTA provides a network  connecting migrants, churches, and ministries in eleven CIS countries and is a means for facilitating the evangelism of unreached people groups through use of adult camps, youth camps, and children’s camps. It is especially significant that most of the unreached people groups in the 10/40 Window can be found on Russia’s borders, so a reverse mission strategy is possible.


· Multicultural Mission Network

The desire is to encourage all to labor together in mission, culture, and scholarship, according to God’s will

- multiethnically, multiculturally, and multiligually - so that all persons can receive and enjoy the same grace and blessing.

All Generations

· Generational Discipleship 


Having Deuteronomy 6:4-7, Parent generation live out the word of God and build their homes by imparting their faith to their children according to the biblical principle. It is the conference that awakens the needs of the church for the accomplishment of Generational Discipleship that connects church and home and all generations with the love of God.

All Fields

· Developing and publishing of ARILAC Bible Study Book Series

It is a ministry project that designs, develops, and publishes useful books and tools for the support and equipment of the missionaries and ministers who are taking the Gospel to the nations.


The Navigation of Hope(new believers)

Walking in Wisdom(training course)

Landmarker’s Board Game(a tool for evangelism or nurturing)



Worship with the Anointing of Heavenly Joy!

· Forest of Living Water Church

It is the basecamp of Landmarker Ministry and also a Missional Multicultural Church trying various attempts for ministries for international students.

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